We Make Sustainability Part of Everyday

With a track-record over 30 years of sustainable business practice, we are committed to Net Zero by 2050.  Year-on-year we’ll report our continued progress and commitment to make sustainability part of everyday.

Our Vision

To become a world-class venue with sustainable business practice at the heart of everything we do. We make sustainability part of everyday.

We are dedicated to being an environmentally responsible business for our customers, employees, and suppliers; we are committed to regularly reviewing and continually improving our practices.

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Measuring Our Impact and Driving Change

Our sustainability key performance measures track our progress towards Net Zero. This helps us focus on what matters most so, as a team, we’re continually working to reduce our impact.

Standards, Awards & Memberships

We have achieved Green Dragon Level 4, Green Tourism Gold Standard and Green Key accreditations. We also play an active part in setting industry standards working with the Association of Event Venues (AEV) and isla to drive more sustainable events.



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Our Sustainability Achievements

We have seven core themes that guide and frame our sustainability commitment – Energy, Waste, Water, Transport & Equipment, Procurement Strategy, Landscape & Biodiversity and Our People.


We are reducing energy and cutting carbon

Resort Hotel Signature King

Improved control over heating and cooling enables us to cut carbon


  • We’ve upgraded 336 bedrooms and meeting rooms with SMART passive infra-red (PIR) technology
  • Room temperatures managed by time, movement and occupancy controls
  • Comfort levels are pre-set, and allows customers to adjust within a defined temperature range
  • System integrated with hotel check-in
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100% of electricity purchased from REGO-backed renewable sources

  • 20% less electricity used (2017 to 2022)
  • 17% less gas used (2017 to 2022)

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LED Light Bulbs

Pioneering LED lighting upgrade

  • 10,000 low energy LED bulbs implemented since 2003
  • Each bulb lasts 25 times longer than a traditional bulb
Heat and Power Systems

Combined heat & power systems enables us to reduce carbon


Highly efficient Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems use waste heat to create electricity which we use to heat water. We have cut gas consumption.

  • 16,636,338 kWh off-grid electricity generated by CHP
  • 18,748,662 kWh heat captured and reused (2017 to 2022)
  • £800,000 invested


We are driving down water consumption


Water auditing and leak detection drives down usage

  • 42% less water used (2017 and 2022)
  • We cut water use by 49,138 m3 (2017 and 2022)
  • 15 water sub-meters monitor usage and enable leak detection
  • Data is closely monitored, suppliers held to account, and maintenance swiftly directed
Waste 2 Water

We are responsibly using and recycling water

Waste2Water system reduces water use as we clean down our fleet of ride-on movers, sprayers and tractors.

  • Enzymes and bacteria keep water safe
  • Powered by REGO-backed electricity
  • Uses water from our irrigation system
Hydration Station

We are cutting single-use plastic

  • 12 hydration stations in event spaces and across our 3 bars and 5 restaurants
  • We offer reusable water bottles to delegates as part of our sustainable events strategy
Aerial Shot of the Golf Course

We built a sustainable, closed-loop irrigation system

Our 5 lakes and reservoir support three championship golf courses, landscapes and gardens. These habitats are now home to a flourishing population of indigenous birds and wildlife

  • 0% water drawn from the main
  • 60,000 m3 water saved each year
  • Over £5 million invested


We are managing and reducing waste

Recycling Station

We are increasing recycling and driving down waste production

  • 100% waste diverted from landfill since 2018
  • 13% less waste produced (2019 to 2022)
  • 63.5% of overall waste recycled in 2022
Blue Whale

We have significantly reduced waste production

  • We’ve cut 122 tonnes of waste across The Celtic Manor Resort (2019 and 2022)
  • That’s just more than the weight of a blue whale – the largest mammal in the world!
Anaerobic Digestion

Our food waste creates green energy

  • We turn waste food and liquids from our kitchens into biogas renewable energy
  • We convert and recycle cooking oil and fats to create biodiesel
Chef at work

We are reducing food waste at source

  • We use innovative hospitality supply chain management software KitchenCUT to enable our chefs to plan and work efficiently
  • Data insight tools enable us to cut food waste


We are enabling sustainable travel

Tesla Electrical Vehicle Charging

We are enabling sustainable travel

  • 45,600 low emission car journeys enabled in 2023
  • We operate one of the largest EV charging stations in Wales
  • 30 Tesla EV super charging stations operational since 2022
  • Plus 3 units in our underground car parks installed in 2012
Golf Buggies

We have decarbonised our golf buggy fleet

  • We’ve cut 33,333 litres of fuel by migrating from petrol to EV battery power and cut emissions from a year 89 to 8.3 tonnes CO2e
  • 135 golf buggies replaced with electric battery-power
  • £891,000 invested


Electric Vehicle Charging Point

We are decarbonising our company car fleet

  • All our company cars are hybrid or electric powered
  • We’re continually looking for ways to reduce the impact from our vehicle fleet


We use trusted and local sources

Local Suppliers

Sourcing food produce close to home

  • We are working hard to reduce food miles
  • We are sourcing much of our restaurant and event produce from local Welsh suppliers

We are reducing chemical use across our kitchens and housekeeping

  • Diversey Pur-Eco cleaning and laundry products in use since 2019
  • This eco-certified range is highly effective and environmentally friendly
  • European Eco-Label certification
Bathroom at The Parkgate Hotel

We have cut carbon and water across our laundry services

Our new out-sourced linen and laundry partner is helping us reduce our impact

  • 40% per kg/linen less energy use
  • 30% less water per kg/linen
  • 75% less plastic wrapping
  • Reduced transport miles by selecting a local award-winning specialist

We have removed plastic from our dry cleaning and laundry services

  • Shirts and uniforms are wrapped in paper, replacing plastic
  • Coat hangers are made of metal, replacing plastic
  • All hangers and packaging are re-used and recycled



We are protecting our estate

Re-wilding Landscapes

We are re-wilding our landscapes and testing more sustainable planting schemes

  • We are re-wilding our gardens to increase biodiversity and encourage pollination and insect life
  • We are testing wildflower seed mixes
  • Across our gardens we’re designing, selecting and planting more drought-tolerant schemes
Hunter Lodges Woodland

Protecting and enhancing our woodland

  • 10,000 broadleaf and conifer trees managed across our Estate
  • Wentwood Forest is one of the largest ancient woodlands in the UK
  • Over 5,000 native broadleaf and conifer trees planted
Pesticide Treatments

We are continually cutting the use of pesticides

Across our golf courses we have operated an Integrated Pest Management Strategy since 1995

Our guiding turf management principals:

  • Scarifying
  • Applying top dressing
  • Aerating
  • Balancing natural and chemical treatments
  • Pin-point spraying and spoon-feeding
  • Introducing more drought-resistant grass seed varieties
Bug Hotel and Bird Boxes

We are encouraging native wild birds and local wildlife

  • 80 bird boxes designed and built, to RSPB standards, and installed by our team
  • A wealth of native birds, insects and animal species thrive across our estate
  • We support migration routes for the indigenous dormouse population
  • We are encouraging bug life with 12 bug hotels designed, built and installed to encourage biodiversity



We have the right people in the right places

Environmental and Greenstaff

An established in-house Sustainability Team

Since 2004 our full-time Sustainability Team has led the delivery of an ambitious Change Agenda.


We employ:

  • Sustainability and Energy Manager
  • Ecology and Environmental Stewardship Manager
Team Brainstorming

Colleague sustainability champions drive positive change

  • 14 Sustainability Working Groups
  • Colleagues share ideas, propose and lead the change – all to reduce our impact
Staff Training

Sustainability training for all colleagues

  • 1300 colleagues trained in the principles of sustainability, and the responsible working practices we expect from everyone, every day
  • We make sustainability part of everyday
Outdoor Walk on Resort Grounds

We encourage colleagues and customers to take a break outdoors

  • The power of fresh air benefits our overall well-being
  • We maintain 1.5 km of woodland walks for everyone to enjoy
  • Woodchip from natural treefall is used to maintain pathways and to construct bridges